THE Goggles of the Season – SUMMIT Talisman

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At Ski Beyond we have been big fans of the SUMMIT Goggles – particularly over the past few years with the EXPOSE II Goggle with interchangeable sun and low light lenses.  This year they have gone another step further and created the Talisman Goggle.

After 7 years in the goggle market SUMMIT have developed the fastest interchangeable lens system – they have launched the product through the fantastic KickStarter Campaign so have a click and share – help our friends at Summit Worldwide. Pre-order your goggles now… a Ski Beyond Client you will get the hard lens cover for free…..Email Hels for more info on  – show your support now – we have!

Super sytlish, practical and definitely your essential piece of kit in both sunny and bad weather…..

Click below and let Simon Reddy – founder and creator of SUMMIT –  explain it all for you – a trainee ski instructor trained by our very own Ricey McClintock.







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Helena & Ricey are both ski instructors who love life in the mountains and being able to live their dream of teaching skiing. We are both passionate about skiing and teaching. Keep up to date with our journey through the season and in the summer getting fit & ready for the winter.
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